In Their Own Words

Many of our participants have been extremely enthusiastic about sharing their positive experiences so that others may be encouraged to take part.  If you would like to discuss, directly with our participants, any of experiences they have shared here, please contact us and we can put you in touch via social media.  

“My confidence has improved, talking about about my paintings has given me the opportunity to show everyone that there is more to me than just my illness”  

“It is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I was very nervous but i’m so glad I came I have learn’t so much.  The staff at night safe said it was worth a shot and they were right”

“I’ve never done anything ‘arty’ since leaving school over 20 years ago, but have really enjoyed these sessions.  I particularly enjoyed learning new techniques and overcoming my anxiety. I have created a piece I am happy to hang up at home when I really didn’t think I was capable of producing something so lovely”

“I have felt better coming to the art groups, It’s helped me with my stress and depression and I am working on avoiding self-harming”

“These sessions have helped me to concentrate on positive and good things in my life.  I will carry on doing more painting.”

“Because of my illness confidence and loneliness was a big problem for me, I have met some wonderful people I will keep in touch with.”

“Really relaxing and enjoyable sessions where I have been encouraged to let of things I can’t control, to focus on the present and to make positive changes to make my life better.”

“The atmosphere in the classes is so friendly with so much going on and new things to learn each week.  I can just be myself and I know I have support to make me feel better.”