Our mission

Our mission is to provide creative interventions within a friendly, safe, and supportive environment which seek to empower anyone who is experiencing mental health issues.
We are aiming to sustain a long-term, ongoing Arts program whereby each participant has regular access to the arts professionals and services until they are ready to move on, allowing time to consolidate new skills and benefits that flow from involvement in the program.


About Arts 2 Heals

We are a small charity based in Blackburn and provide arts-health focused activities in and around the Lancashire area to benefit individuals who self-harm or have a mental health problem.

Our aims at Arts 2 Heal are to build a purposeful and safe environment and to deliver a series of activities which enable the participant to reflect on life, choices, and actions which lead to change and growth where the individual no longer feels helpless.
Our projects incorporate purposefully selected and contrasting painting styles including Pointillism (also known as dot art) and Abstract. Participants do not need to have any experience or artistic skill.  The primary focus is to create awareness and understanding of the values of each of the styles of painting.   Most importantly the process is not solely about creating aesthetically pleasing outcomes but about effecting change and growth through artistic expression in a supportive environment.

At Arts 2 Heal we apply creative initiatives which go beyond the commonly offered, traditional psychotherapeutic support services or temporary psychological distraction techniques.                       The encounter with art making is reported to have strong therapeutic benefits though not in the art therapy sense.   This is what makes us different from other art projects.
Creativity and health are connected – the arts-health projects are specifically designed to explore emotional resilience, self-acceptance, tolerance, and responsibility. These experiences empower the individual to realise their own potential, to cope with the normal stresses of life, and to make a positive contribution.

See group Art work progression below: