Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time of their life and in many different ways.  At Arts 2 Heal we strongly believe in treating everyone’s experience as equally important, the type of support we provide through art-based activities gives you a different experience to the more traditional support options.
Arts 2 Heal aims to promote positive mental health through the engagement in creative arts projects within a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment. We provide opportunities to come together and share artistic experiences which has been reported as being significantly healing and transformative.
Mental health illness can be a barrier to participation and can lead to self-isolation. Opportunities are built into each session to collaborate and develop communication skills or enhance socialisation by working together and alongside other members of the group, through the  discussion and sharing of ideas and artwork.  Participants are encouraged to develop planning skills to underpin ever-increasing autonomy in their individual art making.  Individuals have reported a strong sense of relief from stress, a rise in self-esteem, increase in empathy, tolerance, and an overall improvement in the quality of life through connections made back into their community and the development of a new pathway for self-expression.